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Can Blog Hurt you ?

Can Blog Hurt you

Hehe … I found this Story on Haitham Sabbah Blog .

it’s a true story of Hoder (Iranian Blogger), who was barred from entering the States because of something they found on his blog after googling his name right there at the border .

Why this story is important for me ? lol because i’m going to the State in 2 weeks … we will see :)

This is The Story :

I’ve literally become homeless.

I had said that I was in New York. But I’m now out of the States and can’t go back at least for six months.

It was actually my blog that got me into trouble after a month of staying in my friend’s flat in lower-Manhattan, NYC. It’s a sad but real story.

The last time I decided to go back to Toronto for a night, I took a bus.

A huge mistake, now I know. When I wanted to come back to NYC, I was obviously stopped and interviewed by US Customs and Border Security people at the Buffalo border (Peace Bridge), like everyone else on the bus.

But when they realized I was going to the States to speak at a blog-related conference (ConvergeSouth) they started to google my name right in front of me. Two officers, actually.

They carefully scanned the results and found this English blog. One of them, a very sharp guy in fact, started to read every single post on my blog. And it didn’t take long until he shocked me: “So you live in New York, right? That’s what you’ve written in your on blog.”

I had no idea googling people at the border had become a routine. So instead of defending me with some simple legal arguments about my rights as a Canadian citizen and what I meant by that sentence, I kind of felt desperate and said I did that because I was there for some back-to-back events and conferences and I thought saying you are in New York is sexier than Toronto — which actually is, don’t you think?

He was ecstatic. My blog made his day, or in this case, his night. He kept reading my posts and asking questions about a lot of them: Why did I go to Iran, what are my feelings about Bush (Also known as the “Miserable Failure”) administration, why I separated from my wife, what did I think about Iranian politics, etc.

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